JulianPeters Aachen 01

That Sunday 28th was one of these days, were I needed to get outside, grab a camera and just tour around fishing for nice shots and a great time with friends. It was Christian und Christoph accomponying me through my adoptive hometown, Aachen.

Lately, I have been rather stuck sitting in front of the monitor. So it was a nice change-up to see parts of Aachen from a whole new perspective, as this was my first photo tour through Aachen. I somehow wanted to capture the different settings of Aachen. Contrasting old town with new buildings, graffitis and alike. Personally, I like the first picture and the lonely guy sitting in front of the mayor’s house best.

JulianPeters Aachen 06

JulianPeters Aachen 04

JulianPeters Aachen 03

JulianPeters Aachen 02