(Disclaimer: The video is produced in German.)

As part of my university studies, I had the opportunity to create a corporate video together with Christian, Christoph, Julien and Nina in our third semester. We were asked to let mostly students speak about their impressions and experiences studying Communication and Multimedia Design (short: CMD) at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. Our main consideration was to target the lively spirit and small classes.

One of the obstacles to tackle was a time limit of three minutes. This can both be a very short time for fitting lots of interesting content in, but also enough time to become boring for viewers. We worked around that, inviting many different people and personalities with various background to speak in front of the camera. Thus, viewers would be able to both see the variety of CMD, but also identify with one or the other character.

Lessons learned

In the end, it was quite a challenge to find enough motion scenes to underline the precise statements of all students and professors. Had we taken the interviews beforehand, we could have figured out the different scenes we needed for emphasis. Also, we had difficulties adjusting to the new sound equipment. A more extensive test could have avoided some problems we faced along the way.

Nevertheless, I am really content with the final product. It really reflects Communication and Multimedia Design (German) as practical course with interesting personalities and small classes. The final result is now also featured as the official corporate movie.

Music: Colin O’Dwyer – Subterranean Blue