All issues have been sold. Thanks for your interest!

Just recently I have cleaned up my book shelves and found some hidden gems. Lying there all quiet, content and tidy were issues 4 to 18 of the amazing Offscreen Magazine.

If you have never heard of Offscreen Magazine: it’s a magazine showcasing the diverse people creating our digital landscape. Kai, the creator of the magazine, portrays these humans without much glitter but rather interesting discussions on the ethics and background of creating products for the web. I can only recommend reading through all the issues that have been published so far.

Unfortunately, some older version have been sold out. That’s why I have decided to sell my “used” magazines. However, they have been read only two or three times and come in mostly perfect condition.

If you are interested in buying for, more or all, send me an e-mail or a DM on Twitter.

Available Magazines

My offer is 10 € per issue not including shipment to wherever you live. If you are interested in the whole package, I make a deal 120 € (basis for negotiation), so you get three magazines for free. You can check out more details in the Offscreen Magazine archive and the currently available issues.

  • Issue 4
  • Issue 5
  • Issue 6
  • Issue 7
  • Issue 8
  • Issue 9
  • Issue 10
  • Issue 11
  • Issue 12
  • Issue 13
  • Issue 14
  • Issue 15
  • Issue 16
  • Issue 17
  • Issue 18