02 Something Classical, Oct 17th, 2010


This week, the playlist will be all about the violin in modern alternative music. Its magic power for catchy refrains or melody parts is inevitable. It can transfer sad moods as well as lightly songs rising your spirits to the very top. The band “The Verve” knew that of course and gave their song the appropiate name.
For Irish Folk Bands the Fiddle is such a common instruments that I have to let Flogging Molly slip into this week’s playlist twice to give credit to their great choice of instruments!
Two other uncommon bands put this uncommon instrument to such good work that they also made it into this week’s Kassettenkiste. Watch out for Friska Viljör’s and The Faint’s violine parts as they will not stop ringing in your ears for some days. Before Panic at the Disco make their appearance with their nice little outro song you will hear two lovesongs or at least one and a half, which also rely on the violins’ magic power.