10 Distraction, Jan 16th, 2011

Sina How about some distraction?! Distraction happens through lack of attention, lack of interest, a bigger interest in something else or special intensity, newness or desiribility of the object of distraction. I just love “distraction”. Time and time again, it helps to leave things behind. Sometims, I catch myself being distracted. My most frequent object… Continue reading 10 Distraction, Jan 16th, 2011

05 Dance, Nov 7th, 2010

Sina Dancing is a ritual, a tradition, a performing art, a profession, sports, a kind of therapy or simply an expression of emotion. To me personally, dancing is something special; more than just a ritual or sport. It unites so many various aspects: rhythm, musical sense, trust, coordination and a sense of balance. In a… Continue reading 05 Dance, Nov 7th, 2010